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TREE FORT offers the finest quality cannabis products exemplifying the richest and truest expression of the genetic potential within.

More than just Cannabis

We are a farm to table company.

It all starts with our meticulous genetic selection and development program. We carefully cultivate only the finest and tastiest strains resulting from our in-house pheno program. Using strict organic farming practices and slow curing our choices to perfection, each plant is hand selected for trimming or strategically formulated for our product line. We take the utmost care in every step of the process to ensure all orders are delivered farm fresh from California and Michigan to you!


Tree Fort: Finest in the nation

What's all the buzz about?

Brilliant! I love the CBD/CBG combo. It really helps me focus and helps with inflammation.

Joyce Sebastian Kentfield, CA

Highly Recommended. The balance of CBD and CBG makes this product a good choice for those needing help with sleep, mood, and alleviating pain. In addition, it can be used during the day for increasing focus and motivation. The low level euphoria is a nice added benefit. I have recommended this product to several of my patients and will continue to do so.

Dr. Geoff Lecovin Kirkland, WA

Delta 8 Gummies! Arrived fast and well packaged. Great tasting and gets you feeling great also. My girls favorite gummies and there isn’t a close second. Treefort Farms products are the best and their crew is top notch!

S.J. Pawtucket, RI

Boost for relief thanks way through a long day The gummies are convenient and the CBG & CBD really help when sore in the middle of an active day. Convenient and just the right formula for me

A. Colt Georgetown, KY

A perfect balance. The Full Spec Extract CBD+CBG Oil allows me to control the amount of relaxation I want throughout the day. It's nice to take a few hours before bed and helps me wind down before the nightime ritual. Delivery and bottle stopper very high quality.

John LePorte Euless, TX

These Delta 8 THC gummies are next level. Best gummies ever, hands down!!!

Victoria L Shoreline, WA

LOVE IT! These CBD edibles are great for relaxing the mind after a long day at work!

Jennifer B. New Orleans, LA

Amazing! I got these for my parents to try. My dad needs help getting to sleep and these seem to help him quite a bit! Recently my mom has been going through some very scary blood pressure issues and has specifically requested these gummies again to help her relax. Thank you for the consistent top notch quality and customer service. This shop really shows they care about their product and their customers.

Erica Whitesboro, NY

Absolutely love them! The CBG/CBD combo is perfect for the everyday grind whether it be work, gardening, getting those creative juices flowing or to just enjoy a relaxing day. The clarity and focus from the CBG combined with the stress inhibiting and calming effects from the CBD work quite symbiotically. Im certainly not complaining about unexpected enhancement in libido either.

Caylee Denver, CO

Best CBD product ever!! I have tried SO many CBD products! This one you can actually feel. It's very potent, pure and highly medicinal. The 50mg gummies are medicinal grade and you can tell. If you use CBD for health & healing purposes, this is your brand. Thank you Tree Fort for creating such high quality cannabis products that I can trust. I am hooked!

Holly Jean Sebastapol, CA

The Delta-8 packaging is awesome and my husband and I both tried one on Monday evening and really like the flavors we had as well as the texture . The onset was about 30-40 minutes in and a nice little buzz that lasted about 2 hours.

Happy Customer Dallas, TX

I'm finding these chewables both effective and easy to take. I take my gummies before going to bed, and I sleep well and wake up feeling great.

L.B. Port Orange, FL

A noticeable difference. I have been using this for my 12 year old border collie/black lab, who has a lot of hip and hind leg soreness and “pops and cracks”, especially when going up and down stairs. Since adding Tree Fort Pet CBD Oil to her diet, she is noticeably more at ease and we no longer hear her hips and hind legs “pop and crack”, and she seems to move faster on the stairs and walking after a eventful day at the dog park.

A.S. Portland, OR

A staple of my morning routine, I’ve been taking the CBD+CBG fruit snacks with my coffee and vitamins everyday for the last few weeks and am extremely pleased with the results. The CBD+CBG combo induces relaxation, alleviates anxiety, but does not make you drowsy. I know several people who have incorporated these into their daily routines and honestly, I can’t see any of us going back! Thank you Tree Fort Farms :)

Jack Bishop Ann Arbor, MI

Tree Fort Farms CBD+CBG for a quality life! Long time tincture fan and the Tree Fort CBD+CBG tincture is absolutely top tier. Tastes great and provides elevated mood stabilization, fantastic rest, and overall enhancement of physical healing from traveling, the gym, and general life exhaustion. 10/10 and highly recommended.

MHB Chicago, IL

Love these CBD gummies! The CBD+CBG gummies help so much with my mood & anxiety. And they’re delicious too!

M. Ryan Milford, MI

Maybe it is just me, but I love the taste of this. I would even buy just their virgin hemp oil for cooking/food stuff if they sold it. Overall it is the highest quality CBD-like tincture and tincture glass and dropper (with measurements) that I have purchased. I’ll be placing my next order soon.

A.S. Portland, OR

Tree Fort is the best!! Love the CBD fruit snacks that I ordered. Take one an hour before bed and I have a blissful sleep. Top notch packaging. Highly recommended!

Krys Jackson Pawtucket, RI

IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR DAY. I've been taking Tree Fort CBD (25mg vegan fruit snacks) daily for a month and I will never go back. They are a must! Improves the day through a great mix of relaxation, focus and organic energy. I’ve tried other CBD but nothing compares to these.

Amy B Rumson, NJ

Have tried several different products and Tree Fort is by far the best experience I have had, my search is over! Great vibe for sure. Thank you and I will be ordering more in near future!

Mike Dutson San Antonio, TX

Best D-8 gummies I have ever tried. I live in a state where weed is legal, and these edibles are preferable and cheaper compared to the legal weed dispensary mark up. Great for folks like me with sleep problems including nerve pain and insomnia.

David Sherf Portland, OR

Tree Fort has the best CBD products I have ever had. All of the edibles are incredibly balanced and work very well. I shared some of the Delta-8’s with friends this past week and they LOVE them as much as I do and plan on ordering their own. It’s contagious!! Keep on impressing the world TFF crew. We need it!!!

L Boogs Saratoga Springs, NY

Bubba Kush, a bedtime essential... this strain has become instrumental in my night time routine. I’ve found that a couple hits work as well as any sleep aid does, bringing about a calm and relaxing sensation. Beyond it’s subtle yet effective impact on the circadian system, this strain has a wonderful scent with earthly hues that add to its distinctive aroma! Highly recommended!

Jack Bishop Ann Arbor

Wow! The texture of these edibles is unreal. They melt in your mouth. Soooo good. The CBD+CBG is my favorite. Relaxed yet focused. Love the box and thank you card too! Such a nice touch. Thank you Tree Fort. Top shelf!

Night Moves Harrisville, MI

Fast and delicious, this is the new “Go to” farm. I sleep much better with TF gummies than every other D-8 gummy I have tried.

David Sherf Portland, OR

What’s inside

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We have a combined 50+ years Hemp & Cannabis Cultivation experience.

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We have an unrivaled passion for genetics and the potential of therapeutic discoveries in Hemp.

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We are 100% transparent with all products COAs and growing practices.

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Pushing the industry forward through genetic innovation and creative product development.

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